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You Don't Know Beanz is the debut webseries from eight-time award winning emerging filmmaker Beanz Ramirez.  In the same vein as the auteur comedy-dramas that have been gaining popularity over the last several years (like LouieMaster of NoneThe Mindy ProjectAtlanta, etc.), You Don't Know Beanz follows Beanz, a naive 20s-something amateur filmmaker attempting to climb the industry’s ladder to success and finding cynicism along the way.

The pilot episode (which you can watch here) has already won the Diamond (top) Award in the Best Pilot/Webseries category at Mindfield Film Festival - Albuquerque, and Beanz won the Platinum (2nd from top) Award for his directorial work at the same event.

There's expected to be 6-10 episodes for the first season, with each episode about 10 minutes long.




Beanz has lived his entire childhood and most of his young adult life in a rural Midwestern town.  Feeling totally adrift, he senses that it's time for a big change, which includes taking his dream of becoming a big-shot director seriously.  He's anxious to use the medium of cinema to express his voice, once he figures out what his voice is.  He's ready to take on the world anyway, though he finds that the more he does so, the more cynical he becomes.


Stan is Beanz' housemate. He's lucky enough to not need money, so he pretty much just stays home and smokes weed all day.  He's a great sounding board for Beanz as he's always down to listen and always gives honest and thoughtful responses.  Ambition-less, yet totally satisfied, Stan is an incredibly chill dude.  He's like a stoned buddha.


Stew is also Beanz' housemate, and like Beanz, is also a starving artist.  Stew is a painter.  Unlike Beanz, Stew has been trying to make a living off of his work for a while now, and has been steeped in cynicism.  Jaded, irritable, and pissed, Stew can be a difficult person to be around.


Reggie is Stew's girlfriend.  Sorta.  In actuality, their relationship is fake to cover up that she's a lesbian, because she's terrified to come out to her parents.  What she doesn't know is that Stew has feelings for her.  Beyond that, Reggie's a good friend to the three dudes and is at the house so often, she might as well live there.  She shares the cynicism of Stew and the blasé lax-ness of Stan, so she melds right in with the boys.


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